Once we get a handle on traditional podcasting with individuals co-casting, we will be remixing the very nature of podcasting itself!

These are the stacking flavors we want to explore:

  • Four Letter Words (Podcasts organized around four letter words like: Flow)
  • The Elephant in the Room in VR (crowd into a VR room with a gigantic virtual elephant surrounding you and tell the world what the elephant in the room is today).
  • Now that You Mention It Series (If someone we interview mentions someone else, we add those people to our list to interview).
  • Single Questions (asked to important people in a given field and/or to ourselves and friends).
  • Second Hand (here we interview people who have second hand knowledge for example people taking about the impression astronauts seem to have after going to space)
  • Interviewing People about People (Asking people to tell us about great 
  • Strings (podcasts arranged in a string from start to finish – for example what happens to your voice once it enters Alexa or your phone, where does it go? Where is it stored?)
  • 360 – Introducing 3 way and 4 way interviews!
  • Under 5 – What are we dying to ask the little people?
  • Go Ask Yourself – This may be an experience with an avatar bot which asks you the same questions it asks you.
  • Time Travel – Here people talk about people who existed in time but are no longer possible to interview.