Can Free Speech Online Cause World Peace?

James Marshall from Free Speech Online talks about why he started Free Speech online back in 1996 when China and Singapore began to censor the internet.  His life’s work supports the importance of free speech, allowing a diversity of opinions and he believes world peace through cultural connection and transparency depends on open communication.   

James shares his thoughts about privacy, big data, censorship, and net neutrality and the importance of all websites being delivered equally.  You will learn about throttling, and the repeal of net neutrality requiring that all sites be treated equally in terms of neutrality in California by Jerry Brown.

Free Speech Online
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Guest: James Marshall of Free Speech Online
Host: Zenka

The Berkeley Institute for Free Speech Online (BIFSO) was established in early 2011 to continue and broaden the work of the founder, who has been writing anti-censorship software since early 1996. While BIFSO currently focuses on updating and maintaining the popular open-source software known as CGIProxy, the ultimate goal is to support other anti-censorship software projects as well, and to engage in related research. BIFSO differs from other censorship-fighting organizations in its specific focus on software, rather than on legal, political, journalistic, or other aspects of censorship.

BIFSO is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations to BIFSO are tax-deductible.

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