How to Flip your Fears into a Treasure Map

Guryan Tighe – Founder of Fourage asks “Do you ever wonder why you fear what you fear?”  Tighe believes our fears can act like a treasure map showing us what we care about and leading us to our true north.  Fear, she reveals, is telling you where to apply your courage.

We are at the core seven billion people in the world with seven billion unique finger prints. Tighe believes we are all here to make our unique impression. Great growth is born within challenge.

“Insecurity is a cloak of fear. By going into your fears, you can actually see what matters most, what is the impression you want to be making.  You can understand what is most important to you. Having a why enables you to be in choice.” she explains.

People are the greatest asset any company has.  She speaks about the breakdown of trust when brands and people we don’t speak and embody their truths. She helps leaders and brands bring their values into their culture and also their ecosystem.

She shares her insights on how to create a world of and not or and also how to live purpose rather than trying to achieve a purpose in your lifetime.

Tighe also talks about the greater ramifications, “Fear divides us as a people but it should unite us.  We are all terrified of the same things. This is an opportunity to come together.”

“Courage is hard, but so is living in fear.” – Turyan Tighe


Host: Zenka
Guryan Tighe
Founder of Fourage

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  • Loss
  • Not being liked
  • Being unloved
  • Failure
  • Being rejected
  • Loneliness


  • advancement
  • autonomy
  • balance
  • service
  • variety
  • affiliation

Edelman report, people purchase based on how they feel.

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